7- Use vmr for CI/CD


You can set up a vmr environment to use it in CI/CD pipelines.

# do what you want

GitLab Runner CI/CD

Using gitlab-runner >= 15.0.0 the option [runners.ssh.disable_strict_host_key_checking] have to be set to true.

Then you can get the command to run, to add it as a GitLab Runner (this will also configure the guest VM) :

                       gitlab_url = "gitlab.com",
                       gt_token = "<mytoken>",
                       snapshot_name = "cicdversionR",
                       vm_name = <VirtualBox VM Name>)

Copy and paste the return command in a terminal where GitLab Runner and the vmr environment are installed (be careful with user right on Gitlab Runner and vmr environment).


Once you set up your vmr environment and configure CI/CD take a snapshot of it (snapshot name as to be the same as given into virtualboxGitlabRunner).


Vignette summary

  1. Working with vmr package
  2. Start my first environment
  3. Manage vmr environment
  4. Manage boxes
  5. Manage providers
  6. Development with vmr
  7. CI/CD
  8. Functions resume

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