5- Manage vmr Providers

The vmr Providers


vmr providers are “tools” that manage the virtual machines instances such as VirtualBox (default in vmr), docker, vmware, aws, openstack, …

Actually only VirtualBox is available in vmr package.

VirtualBox provider

vmr can manage some of virtualbox options.
Options available can be find here:

vb.opt <- virtualboxOptions(details = FALSE)

To set a name to the virtualbox machine:

vb.opt$name <- "My Virtualbox name"

To disable GUI:

vb.opt$gui <- FALSE

To add more cpus and memory:

vb.opt$modifyvm$cpus <- 3
vb.opt$modifyvm$memory <- 8192

More options can be find here https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch08.html#vboxmanage-modifyvm

Vignette summary

  1. Working with vmr package
  2. Start my first environment
  3. Manage vmr environment
  4. Manage boxes
  5. Manage providers
  6. Development with vmr
  7. CI/CD
  8. Functions resume

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