4- Manage vmr boxes

The vmr boxes


A box is a Vagrant environment (bundle) containing a virtual environment (such as a virtual machine) for a specific provider (such as VirtualBox).

Boxes are available for development and test, do not use it for production.

Once a box is downloaded, it saved in ~/.vagrand.d/ directory.

Be careful boxes can be large in space, be sure to have enough hard drive space.

List boxes

Official vmr boxes list is available here : https://app.vagrantup.com/VMR/

vmr boxes are identify by :

To get this list in R console:

boxes_list <- vmrList()

To get information about a specific box:


Download a box

Box download is automatic in a vmr environement, but if you need to download it manualy, you can:


Manage boxes

You can manage downloaded boxes with this functions:

# List downloaded boxes
# Remove old boxes (not up to date)
# Remove a specific box
vmrLocalBoxRemove(<box name>)
# Download the last box version (use in a __vmr__ environment)

Vignette summary

  1. Working with vmr package
  2. Start my first environment
  3. Manage vmr environment
  4. Manage boxes
  5. Manage providers
  6. Development with vmr
  7. CI/CD
  8. Functions resume

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