veccompare: Automatically Generate All n-Wise Set Comparisons on Vectors


veccompare contains functions for automating set operations. Given a named list of 5 vectors, for example, veccompare can calculate all 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-way comparisons between those vectors, recording information for each comparison about the set “union” (combined elements), “intersection” (overlap / shared elements), and compliments (which elements are unique to each vector involved in the comparison). It can also create Venn diagrams for up to 5-way comparisons, using the VennDiagram package; and network graphs for all 2-way comparisons, using the qgraph package.

The package also contains a function for automating reporting in RMarkdown, by generating markdown output for easy analysis, as well as an RMarkdown template for use with RStudio.



# You can install the development version of veccompare from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")


The primary function from veccompare is compare.vectors(). Complementarily, compare.vectors.and.return.text.analysis.of.overlap() will call compare.vectors() and generate Markdown-style output from it (for example, for use within an RMarkdown file). veccompare also provides a function, summarize.two.way.comparisons.percentage.overlap(), that can create correlation-plot-style images and network graphs for all two-way comparisons between vectors.

An RMarkdown template illustrating several of veccompare’s features can be viewed and used from within RStudio by clicking File -> New File -> R Markdown... -> From Template -> Veccompare Overlap Report.