tidyCDISC 0.2.1 (CRAN Release)


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tidyCDISC 0.2.0 (CRAN Release)

tidyCDISC 0.1.1

tidyCDISC 0.1.0 (CRAN Release)

tidyCDISC 0.0.4

tidyCDISC 0.0.3

tidyCDISC 0.0.2

This release (PR #65) performs a lot of functions, testing on many non-pilot ADSL files to ensure app’s robustness beyond just the CDISC pilot data:

tidyCDISC 0.0.1

This release adds meat to the previous skeleton version of tidyCDISC. The initial development release was intended to be a “bare bones” platform that could serve as a foundation to build a great clinical data exploratory tool. Version 0.0.1 enriches the user experience by adding useful & commonly needed features for analysis. For more on this release, see the announcement on our blog.