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rgugik is an R package for downloading open data from resources of Polish Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography including:

It is also possible to geocode addresses or objects using the geocodePL_get() function.

Corresponding functions

Function Input Dastaset EN Dataset PL
ortho_request(), tile_download() geometry Orthophotomap Ortofotomapa
geodb_download() voivodeship General Geographic Database Baza Danych Obiektów Ogólnogeograficznych
topodb_download() county Topographic Database Baza Danych Obiektów Topograficznych
emuia_download() commune Register of Towns, Streets and Addresses Ewidencja Miejscowości, Ulic i Adresów
geonames_download() type State Register of Geographical Names Państwowy Rejestr Nazw Geograficznych
borders_get(), borders_download() type State Register of Borders Państwowy Rejestr Granic
parcel_get() parcel ID, coordinates Location of cadastral parcels Lokalizacja działek katastralnych
models3D_download() county 3D models of buildings Modele 3D budynków
DEM_request(), tile_download() geometry Digital elevation models Cyfrowe modele wysokościowe

There are the additional functions for obtaining digital terrain model:

The names of administrative units and their IDs are included in these objects:


You can install the released version from CRAN with:


You can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")




polygon_path = system.file("datasets/search_area.gpkg", package = "rgugik")
polygon = read_sf(polygon_path)

req_df = ortho_request(polygon)

# select the oldest image
req_df = req_df[req_df$year == 2001, ]

# print metadata
#>             23                                                                              
#> sheetID     "N-33-130-D-b-2-3"                                                              
#> year        "2001"                                                                          
#> resolution  "1"                                                                             
#> composition "RGB"                                                                           
#> sensor      "Satellite"                                                                     
#> CRS         "PL-1992"                                                                       
#> date        "2001-01-01"                                                                    
#> isFilled    "TRUE"                                                                          
#> URL         "https://opendata.geoportal.gov.pl/ortofotomapa/41/41_3756_N-33-130-D-b-2-3.tif"
#> filename    "41_3756_N-33-130-D-b-2-3"                                                      
#> seriesID    "41"

# download image
#> 1/1

img = read_stars("41_3756_N-33-130-D-b-2-3.tif")
plot(st_rgb(img), main = NULL)

Administrative boundaries


# get counties from opolskie voivodeship (TERYT 16)
counties = county_names
counties = counties[substr(counties$TERYT, 1, 2) == "16", "TERYT"]
counties_geom = borders_get(TERYT = counties)
plot(st_geometry(counties_geom), main = "Opolskie")


More advanced examples of the practical (step by step) use of this package can be found in the vignettes:


Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Poland is the main source of the provided data. The data is made available in accordance with the Act of May 17, 1989 Geodetic and Cartographic Law (amended on 16 April 2020).

All datasets can be explored interactively using the Geoportal.


Contributions to this package are welcome. The preferred method of contribution is through a GitHub pull request. Feel also free to contact us by creating an issue. More detailed information can be found in the CONTRIBUTING document.

Maintainers and contributors must follow this repository’s CODE OF CONDUCT.


To cite rgugik in publications, please use the following article:

Dyba, K. and Nowosad, J. (2021). rgugik: Search and Retrieve Spatial Data from the Polish Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in R. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(59), 2948, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02948

BibTeX version can be obtained with citation("rgugik").

If you don’t feel familiar with R, there is a similar QGIS tool in the EnviroSolutions repository.