precommit 0.4.3

Thanks to all who contributed to this release: @boxydog, @hadley, @IndrajeetPatil, @jcken95, @jeancochrane, @jrdnbradford, @lorenzwalthert, @owenjonesuob, and @TymekDev.

precommit 0.4.2

Release relax the dependency on third-party error messages in our unit tests (#555).

precommit 0.4.1

This release ensures unit tests can handle the error messages from {styler} correctly that were modified slightly. Apart from hook dependency updates, this release adds no user-facing changes.

Thanks @joshpersi for contributing to this release.

precommit 0.4.0

Apart from two new hooks, many bug fixes and a few minor features, this release focused on improving the user experience when installing the hooks, which caused users the most troubles. We enabled fast hook installation without the need for build time or system dependencies on all platforms thanks to the Posit Package Manager and removal of dependencies {git2r} and {digest}.


Bug Fixes





Changelog from dev releases is collapsed into this patch release at the time this release is created. If you need releases by dev release, i.e. 0.3.2.x, checkout this file at git tag v0.3.2.9020.

A big thanks goes to all people who made this release reality:

@AliSajid, @averissimo, @clarkliming, @danielinteractive, @denn173, @dependabot[bot], @EzicJ, @fabianegli, @hadley, @IndrajeetPatil, @jashapiro, @joelnitta, @jonathanckt, @jsnel, @kcphila, @KoderKow, @KyleDCox, @lorenzwalthert, @m-muecke, @mythichamster, @ns-rse, @pre-commit-ci[bot], @russHyde, @sempwn, @stefanoborini, @thefabnab, @TNonet, @TymekDev, and @yogat3ch.

precommit 0.3.2

Thanks to @danielinteractive, @jonocarroll for their contributions.

precommit 0.3.1

User visible changes

Bug fixes


Thanks to @danielinteractive and @mpadge for their contributions.

precommit 0.3.0

API changes

New features


Bug fixes

Thanks to all people who contributed to this release: @assignUser, @danhalligan, @gravesti, @hadley, @KyleDCox, @lorenzwalthert, @lukasfeick-sw, @MarkMc1089, @pat-s, @RoyalTS, and @smingerson.

precommit 0.2.2

This is a maintenance release on the request of CRAN (#337) and to improve experience with the language: r switch conducted in v0.2.0. In particular, note that projects using {renv} and RStudio are not very compatible with hook versions > and autoupdate() results in downgrading the hook versions (#346).

API Changes

Other changes

Thanks to all people who contributed to this release:

@lorenzwalthert, @pat-s, and @smingerson.

precommit 0.2.0

This version marks the switch to language: r of all existing hooks. This means two things:

API changes


Please follow the update instructions or installation instructions depending on whether or not you previously used pre-commit.

Major changes

Minor changes

A big hand to all the contributors of this release:

@adamblake, @arbues6, @b4D8, @bart1, @dhersz, @joelnitta, @jucor, @lorenzwalthert, @lukasfeick-sw, @MarkMc1089, @njtierney, @pat-s, @pwildenhain, and @rossdrucker

For previous versions of with news bullet per patch release, see the latest before gathering.

precommit 0.1.3

This is mainly a CRAN maintenance release because of #201 and includes some bug fixes and no API changes.

A big hand to all the contributors of this release: @fschoner, @krzyslom, @lorenzwalthert, @maurolepore, @pat-s, and @zkamvar.

Minor Changes

precommit 0.1.2

Initial CRAN release. See




Major Changes


Breaking Changes

Major Changes

Minor Changes


Breaking Changes

A major API review was conducted to make the package ready for a CRAN submission in #152:

Additional breaking changes are:



Test release process.