photobiologyLEDs 0.5.2

photobiologyLEDs 0.5.1

photobiologyLEDs 0.5.0

This is a major and code-breaking update. Naming conventions have changed and many new spectra have been added. Previously included spectra have in most cases been recomputed and may slightly differ from earlier versions of the same data. In part this was done to reduce the size of the data objects, making it possible to include more spectra while keeping the size of the package reasonable.

photobiologyLEDs 0.4.3-1

photobiologyLEDs 0.4.3

photobiologyLEDs 0.4.2

photobiologyLEDs 0.4.1

photobiologyLEDs 0.3.2

photobiologyLEDs 0.3.1

photobiologyLEDs 0.3.0

photobiologyLEDs 0.2.2

photobiologyLEDs 0.2.1

photobiologyLEDs 0.2.0

photobiologyLEDs 0.1.3

photobiologyLEDs 0.1.2

photobiologyLEDs 0.1.1

photobiologyLEDs 0.1.0