ocedata 0.2.0

Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. R-CMD-check CRAN_Status_Badge RStudio CRAN mirror downloads RStudio CRAN mirror downloads RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

About ocedata

The ocedata package supplies some oceanographic datasets, for general use and as an adjunct to the oce package. Indeed, some of the datasets were once supplied by oce, but they were moved to ocedata to reduce storage pressure on the CRAN system, based on the assumption that oce will be updated more frequently than ocedata.

Installing ocedata

Stable versions of ocedata may be installed from within R, in the same way as other packages, with


However, this version is only updated a few times a year (pursuant to CRAN policy), so some users install ocedata from the github.com website instead, to get the latest version. This may be done with

install_github("dankelley/ocedata", ref="main")