csdata provides structural data for Norway.

Please see https://www.csids.no/csdata/reference/index.html for a quick overview of all available datasets and functions.


Valid locations (and location types) are available in csdata::nor_locations_names(). Uncommon/internal use is demarcated by a line through the text.

Valid locations and location types in the csverse format
Geo (Granularity) N Examples
location_code1 location_name2 location_name_description_nb3 location_name_file_nb_utf4 location_name_file_nb_ascii5
nation 1 nation_nor Norge-Noreg-Norway Norge-Noreg-Norway Norge_Noreg_Norway Norge_Noreg_Norway
georegion6 5 georegion_nor1 Nord-Norge-Davvi-Norggas Nord-Norge-Davvi-Norggas (landsdel) Nord_Norge_Davvi_Norggas_landsdel Nord_Norge_Davvi_Norggas_landsdel
county 15 county_nor42 Agder Agder (fylke) Agder_fylke Agder_fylke
notmainlandcounty 2 notmainlandcounty_nor22 Utenfor fastlands-Norge (Jan Mayen) Utenfor fastlands-Norge (Jan Mayen) (fylke) Utenfor_fastlands_Norge_Jan_Mayen_fylke Utenfor_fastlands_Norge_Jan_Mayen_fylke
missingcounty 1 missingcounty_nor99 Ukjent fylke Ukjent fylke (fylke) Ukjent_fylke Ukjent_fylke
municip 357 municip_nor1820 Alstahaug Alstahaug (kommune i Nordland-Nordlándda) Alstahaug_kommune_i_Nordland_Nordlándda Alstahaug_kommune_i_Nordland_Nordlandda
notmainlandmunicip 2 notmainlandmunicip_nor2200 Jan Mayen Jan Mayen (kommune i Utenfor fastlands-Norge (Jan Mayen)) Jan_Mayen_kommune_i_Utenfor_fastlands_Norge_Jan_Mayen Jan_Mayen_kommune_i_Utenfor_fastlands_Norge_Jan_Mayen
missingmunicip 1 missingmunicip_nor9999 Ukjent kommune Ukjent kommune (kommune i Ukjent fylke) Ukjent_kommune_i_Ukjent_fylke Ukjent_kommune_i_Ukjent_fylke
wardoslo 15 wardoslo_nor030112 Alna Alna (bydel i Oslo-Oslove) Alna_bydel_i_Oslo_Oslove Alna_bydel_i_Oslo_Oslove
wardbergen 8 wardbergen_nor460101 Arna Arna (bydel i Bergen) Arna_bydel_i_Bergen Arna_bydel_i_Bergen
wardstavanger 9 wardstavanger_nor110303 Eiganes og Våland Eiganes og Våland (bydel i Stavanger) Eiganes_og_Våland_bydel_i_Stavanger Eiganes_og_Valand_bydel_i_Stavanger
wardtrondheim 4 wardtrondheim_nor500104 Heimdal Heimdal (bydel i Trondheim) Heimdal_bydel_i_Trondheim Heimdal_bydel_i_Trondheim
extrawardoslo 2 extrawardoslo_nor030117 Marka Marka (bydel i Oslo-Oslove) Marka_bydel_i_Oslo_Oslove Marka_bydel_i_Oslo_Oslove
missingwardbergen 1 missingwardbergen_nor460199 Ukjent bydel i Bergen Ukjent bydel i Bergen (bydel i Bergen) Ukjent_bydel_i_Bergen Ukjent_bydel_i_Bergen
missingwardoslo 1 missingwardoslo_nor030199 Ukjent bydel i Oslo Ukjent bydel i Oslo (bydel i Oslo-Oslove) Ukjent_bydel_i_Oslo_Oslove Ukjent_bydel_i_Oslo_Oslove
missingwardstavanger 1 missingwardstavanger_nor110399 Ukjent bydel i Stavanger Ukjent bydel i Stavanger (bydel i Stavanger) Ukjent_bydel_i_Stavanger Ukjent_bydel_i_Stavanger
missingwardtrondheim 1 missingwardtrondheim_nor500199 Ukjent bydel i Trondheim Ukjent bydel i Trondheim (bydel i Trondheim) Ukjent_bydel_i_Trondheim Ukjent_bydel_i_Trondheim
baregion7 159 baregion_nor111 Alstahaug Alstahaug (BA-region) Alstahaug_BA_region Alstahaug_BA_region
mtregion8 5 mtregion_nor4 Midt-Norge Midt-Norge (Mattilsynet-region) Midt_Norge_Mattilsynet_region Midt_Norge_Mattilsynet_region
lab 26 lab_nor000030 Akershus Universitetssykehus Akershus Universitetssykehus (lab) Akershus_Universitetssykehus_lab Akershus_Universitetssykehus_lab
1 location_code: Used a) inside datasets and b) in data file names for transfer of data/results between analytic systems. All values are unique.
2 location_name: Used (rarely) inside results (figures, tables, documents). Can be confusing as some names are duplicated. Its rare usage is demarcated by a line through the text.
3 location_name_description_nb: Used (frequently) inside results (figures, tables, documents). All values are unique.
4 location_name_file_nb_utf: Used (frequently) in the file names for results (figures, tables, documents). All values are unique.
5 location_name_file_nb_ascii: Used (rarely) in the file names for results (figures, tables, documents). Used if file systems have problems with the Norwegian letters æøå. All values are unique.
6 Landsdeler/riskdeler. Geographical regions.
7 Bo- og arbeidsmarkedsregioner. Housing and labor market regions.
8 Mattilsynet-regioner. Food authority regions.


Ages should be coded as characters and should always contain 3 digits. If it is an age range, the two ages are joined by an underscore (e.g. 005_010).

Use 085p instead of >=085 or 85+, as this will allow for an easy conversion from long to wide formatted data.

Valid ages in the csverse format
Value class Definition
"000" character One year age group (0 year olds)
"079" character One year age group(79 year olds)
"000_004" character Age span of 0-4 year olds
"065p" character Age span of >=65 year olds
"missing" character Missing/unknown
"total" character Everyone

This format will help your data be easily sorted, kept in the right order, and generate valid variable names if converted to wide-format.

Missing ages should be coded as “missing”.


Sex should be coded as characters.

Valid sexes in the csverse format
Value class Definition
"male" character Male
"female" character Female
"missing" character Missing/unknown
"total" character Everyone

Missing sexes should be coded as “missing”.