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The goal of cpp11armadillo is to provide a novel approach to use the Armadillo C++ library by using the header-only cpp11 R package and to simplify things for the end-user.

The idea is to pass matrices/vectors from R to C++, write pure C++/Armadillo code for the computation, and then export the result back to R with the proper data structures.

This follows from the same goals as cpp11:

If this software is useful to you, please consider donating on Buy Me A Coffee. All donations will be used to continue improving cpp11armadillo.


You can install the development version of cpp11armadillo like so:



I have provided a package template for RStudio that also works with VS Code.

The idea of this package is to be naive and simple (like me).

From RStudio/VSCode create a new project and run:


Then follow the instructions from the README.

The vignettes contains detailed examples that I use to test cpp11armadillo, these include Ordinary Least Squares, Leontief inverse, eigenvalues, and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).