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cloudfs is an R package developed by Gradient Metrics that offers a unified interface for simplifying cloud storage interactions. cloudfs supports uploading, downloading, reading, and writing files for both Google Drive and Amazon S3.


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Key Features

  1. Relative path simplicity

    Use paths relative to your project’s main cloud folder.

  2. Unified interface for Google Drive and S3

    Downloading from S3? The process is just as straightforward.

  3. Extension-aware functions

    The package automatically selects the right read or write function based on the file extension, simplifying your interactions.

    If you don’t like the default function, you can use a different one by explicitly calling it.

  4. Effortless cloud navigation

    Open folders in browser

    or list contents in console.

  5. Bulk file management

    Easily retrieve all data from a folder in one go

    or push multiple files to the cloud at once.