cffr 1.0.1

cffr 1.0.0

This is a major release with some notable changes. The change mainly affects to non-core functions, hence the natural workflow (cff_create()cff_write()cff_validate()) shouldn’t be affected.

Major changes

Classes and methods

Now cffr implements a new class system for definitions.reference, definitions.person and definitions.entity objects:

This change allow to write specific S3 Methods and extend the capabilities of the package.


The API has been completely reviewed to provide more clarity on functions naming and to facilitate internal maintenance. This change only affects to non-core functions. Now each function does less things but does it better. The old API has been deprecated and it would warn when used, providing advice on the replacement function.


New capabilities

Other changes

cffr 0.5.0


New features


cffr 0.4.1

cffr 0.4.0

cffr 0.3.0

cffr 0.2.3

cffr 0.2.2

cffr 0.2.1

cffr 0.2.0

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cffr 0.1.0

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cffr 0.0.1