DiallelAnalysisR: Diallel Analysis with R

Muhammad Yaseen1,2,3, and Kent M. Eskridge4
  1. Asian Development Bank (ADB), Islamabad, Pakistan.

  2. Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), Islamabad, Pakistan.

  3. Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.

  4. Department of Statistics, University of Nebraska Lincoln, NE, USA.

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Performs Diallel Analysis with R using Griffing’s and Hayman’s approaches. Four different Methods (1: Method-I (Parents + F1’s + reciprocals); 2: Method-II (Parents and one set of F1’s); 3: Method-III (One set of F1’s and reciprocals); 4: Method-IV (One set of F1’s only)) and two Models (1: Fixed Effects Model; 2: Random Effects Model) can be applied using Griffing’s approach.


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install.packages("DiallelAnalysisR", dependencies = TRUE)

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if (!require("remotes")) install.packages("remotes")

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  Yaseen M, Eskridge KM (2023). _DiallelAnalysisR: Diallel Analysis
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